Uoften - Do not trust this seller.


Ordered three times at Uoften. First order was handled well, but then the service was down to zero.

Second order was late and missing items.

Thrid order was not shipped in time, took seceral months to arrive by resending it by different shipper. Then wrong item arrived. Took weeks until uoften picked the item from local post.

Instead of a new deliver with the correct item a uncomplete refund.

4 months of trouble.

Actual testorder no. 4 is pending since more as 10 days.

This shop is no go, cause extrem bad response on claims. Seller pushes the byer to pay everything also the seller is doing mistakes, one after the other. You can expact by 90% not to receive a complete order or the wrong item. If there is a wrong item, the seller does not want to replace or solve the problem. Communication is bad.

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Shopping tablet recommend Uoften.com

Not resolved

I can not think of any cons about this tablet. I've used it for a week: it's fast, built well for a plastic device, everything works. Battery charge lasts all day+. Sharp video. Agile cap. control. Plenty of apps around, it doesn't seem to like old ones. I received the unit in CA one week after I ordered 3.2 it, expedited shipping.

The Rocket will play movies, but the screen is small at seven inches. Go to ten inches if you plan to watch movies on a tablet.

i shopping the 7" Multi-touch Screen Android 3.2 Dual Camera 512MB 8GB 1GHz CPU WiFI HDMI 1080P Tablet PC Novo7

recommend Uoften.com

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